The global misconception about Afghan Taliban and Tahreek Taliban Pakistan (TTP)

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Nowadays, overtaking of Afghanistan by the Taliban is the hottest issue around the world. Everyone is conscious that what will be the future of Afghanistan. But another issue is that there is a huge misconception between the two types of Taliban. There is a big difference between the Afghan Taliban and Tahreek Taliban Pakistan (TTP). But problem is that even some world top researchers don’t know the difference between Afghan Taliban and Tahreek Taliban Pakistan (TTP). Most of the world recognises both the Afghan Taliban and TTP as one organisation. But there is a big difference between them. I will try to explain the difference between them in this blog. Please read it below…

Afghan Taliban:

Afghan Taliban is the militant organisation formed under the leadership of Mullah Omer and Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar after the Soviet-Afghan War by the collaboration of mujaheddin groups that fought against the Soviet Union. They took over Afghanistan in 1996 and developed the government there. They ruled Afghanistan for 5 years and they implement Islamic Laws. But, in 2001, they are blamed and accused of attack on World Trade Centre and Pentagon. Due to this blame, the US attacked Afghanistan in October 2001.

Ideology and purpose of Afghan Taliban:

As I discussed above, the Taliban formed after the Soviet-Afghan War. It is the collaboration of those mujahidin groups which protect their country and homeland from external intervention. So, they did the same against the USA and NATO.

To conclude, their main purpose is to protect their country and homeland from external invasions and to rule Afghanistan. Their ideology is to implement Islamic Law in Afghanistan without harming the local people.

Enemies of Afghan Taliban:

I think there is no doubt exists about the enemies of the Afghan Taliban. Almost everyone knows that the United States of America and NATO allies are the enemies of the Taliban because they attacked them and blamed the Taliban attacked World Trade Centre and the pentagon but this is still a huge conspiracy. So, in return America and NATO allies attacked Afghanistan in 2001 where they are in power.

Supporters of Afghan Taliban:

Nowadays, there are a lot of talks that “who support Taliban?”. Because they fought for almost 20 years against the world strongest armed forces union and force them to leave Afghanistan without any victory.

According to my opinion, there is no clear and upper-level supporter of the Afghan Taliban but under-world supporters exist. In under-world supporters, it might be Pakistan, Russia, China, Iran or maybe any country from Central Asia. But still, there is no confirmed proof of the under-world supporters of the Afghan Taliban.

Who declared them terrorists?

Afghan Taliban were declared terrorists by the United Nations Security Council, United States of America, United Kingdom, India and NATO allies.

Tahreek Taliban Pakistan (TTP)

Tahreek Taliban Pakistan (TTP) is a Pashtun militant group formed in about 2002 in Balochistan under the leadership of Bait Ullah Masood. At the start, this group consists of only Pashtun people but later on, in 2007 – 08 many peoples from the terrorist organisation from the Middle East joins TTP

Purpose and ideology of TTP:

TTP claims that they are not given resources that are extracted from Balochistan and these local resources are provided to others. So, they started overtaking the local resources by force which are owned by the government, charity organisations and private companies. They were saying we overtake resources for locals of Balochistan but in return, they were harming the same local peoples. And they try to capture those resources which were already available to locals.

Actually, Their main purpose is to overtake Balochistan by overtaking the resources gradually and destabilising Pakistan.

Enemies of TTP:

As I discussed earlier, their main goal is to overtake Balochistan by overtaking its resources and harm the national sovereignty of Pakistan. They always try to fulfil their purpose through terrorist activities. According to their ideology, they also said that we want to destroy Pakistan’s democratic government because they create relations with other non-Muslim countries.

They are mainly targeting the friendship of Pakistan and China and also attack CPEC projects so many times and killed hundreds of Labours there. They also attack China’s embassy in Pakistan.

In Pakistan, the attack on the general population. TTP was involved in lots of bomb blasts, target killing and kidnapping. They also attack Malala Yousafzai (Nobel Prize Winner) in Swat. They kill thousands of people in Pakistan through terrorist activities.

From these activities, I think that it is clear that who are the enemies of Tahreek Taliban Pakistan (TTP).

Supporters of TTP:

From the above material, it is clear that TTP harming Pakistan. So, Pakistan enemies found a way to harm Pakistan by using them.

So, these enemies started the financial funding of TTP to destabilise Pakistan. Some world top-secret agencies are also involved in financial funding which includes India’s secret agency RAW, Israel’s secret agency Mossad and some proofs also found that the CIA is also involved in it.

RAW secret agent Kulbhushan Jadhav was also arrested from Balochistan and during the investigation he revealed that India is funding Tahreek Taliban Pakistan to promote terrorism in Pakistan.

Who declared them terrorists?

Tahreek Taliban Pakistan (TTP) is declared a terrorist organisation by the governments of Pakistan, the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom.


From the above material, it is concluded that Afghan Taliban and Tahreek Taliban Pakistan (TTP) are two different organisations and groups with different purposes and ideologies.

Afghan Taliban fulfilling their purpose by protecting their homeland and without harming the locals of Afghanistan. While Tahreek Taliban Pakistan (TTP) wants to achieve their purpose by harming the locals of Pakistan.


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