Global Normalcy Index – Top Countries that try to bring normal or pre-pandemic life

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In early 2020 when the coronavirus pandemic spread in most of the major countries of the world then everyone thinks that Is life return to normal? If life returns to normal then when it will be? These questions come into the mind of every people in the world. 

Reason to generate Global Normalcy Index:

To answer these questions, The Economist generate a Global Normalcy Index to track the activities of the current world and to compare them with the pre-pandemic life activities and calculate the aggregate index that how these countries are close to the normal life. 

Effect Coronavirus Pandemic on the World:

When Coronavirus pandemic outbreak, it disturbs all the activities of the world including recreational activities like cinema activities, Sports activities, tourism and also affects Economic and Business activities like office work, public transport and work in factories and industries. It is also biggest cause to impose travel ban which decreases the international and local flights and road transport. Due to this, people stayed at home and performing possible activities from home.

Explanation of Global Normalcy Index Research:

Global Normalcy Index shows their results for the world’s 50 largest economies which comprise 90% of global GDP and 76% of the world population. Aggregate measures with the weight of Population of these countries. It defines value 100 as the normal level or pre-pandemic level.

Research Factors:

Global Normalcy Index generates their results depending upon the eight factors which are given below 

  1. Time not at home
  2. Retail
  3. Office Use
  4. Public Transport 
  5. Road Traffic
  6. Flights 
  7. Cinema 
  8. Sports Attendance

How Results are Extracted based on factors:

Analysts compare the current activities of these factors with the activities of normal or pre-pandemic life. Then, assign a value by comparing it with the normal value of 100. If current activities are higher than pre-pandemic life then the factor index value is more than 100 and if the current activities are lower than the factor index value is less than 100 and the actual gap between index value and pre-pandemic life is based upon the gap between current and pre-pandemic life activities. When values are assigned with respect to 100 then it is easy to compare and generate observation with this result. After computing the index of every factor, the average is calculated to generate the overall average index. 

Top 10 Countries Ranked by Global Normalcy Index: 

Countries are ranked by the overall average index which is computed by the average index of all the factors.

We list down the top 10 countries that are rank by Globally Normalcy Index recently:

  1. Hong Kong                            101.3
  2. Denmark                                96.2
  3. Ukraine                                  93.4
  4. Turkey                                    93.3
  5. Pakistan                                 91.9
  6. Romania                                89.9
  7. Nigeria                                   89.4
  8. Czech Republic                     88.3
  9. Hungary                                87.5
  10. Egypt                                     87.0

This is the list of the top 10 countries with their overall index value which is ranked by the Global Normalcy Index. These are the countries that try their best to bring life to normal. 

For more information visit The Economist – Global Normalcy Index

Note: This list can be updated from the Global Normalcy Index. Errors or changes in values may occur. 

Last Update Date: September 28, 2021.


As Coronavirus Pandemic outbreaks almost in every country. So due to this, every country is trying their best to bring life to normal by making the best strategies. We hope this Coronavirus pandemic will end soon.

Stay Safe, Enjoy the Life and Get Vaccination. I hope, it will be end soon. 


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