My Prediction on the future of Afghanistan and Taliban

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Today, the issue of Afghanistan becomes the hottest trend in the world because the United States of America is leaving Afghanistan and everyone wants to know that what will be the future of Afghanistan? what Taliban will do to Afghanistan? Will the Taliban take over Afghanistan? In this blog, I will try to explain the answers to the above questions through my predictions and current facts.

1.1        Afghanistan:

Afghanistan is a landlocked country in Central Asia. It has been at the heart of many civilizations over the centuries and it is called “the crossroads of cultures.” The history of Afghanistan can be traced back to Alexander the Great’s invasion in 330 BC. In 1747, an Afghan king named Ahmad Shah Durrani created modern-day Afghanistan by uniting its disparate tribes into one nation. This was followed by two Anglo-Afghan wars that further shaped the nation we know today.

Nowadays, Afghanistan faces problems such as terrorism and poverty, leading to instability within its borders due to continuous invasion by superpowers like Russia and the United States of America.

1.2        War and Afghanistan (Afghan Wars):

Afghanistan was invaded by two countries in the last 40 years. Here are some details:

1.2.1        Soviet – Afghan War

In 1979, When the Soviet Union attacked Afghanistan, this is the First International Afghan war. The Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan and fought Gorilla War with Mujaheddins till 1989. The main reasons behind the Soviet Union attack were that they want to make their hold in the South Asian region and also want warm water access. After so many years of war Soviet Union was failed to beat Mujaheddins and called off the war by accepting the loss.

Image Source: Global Village Space

1.2.2        USA – Afghan War

In September 2001, the United States of America invaded Afghanistan. This is 2nd time when Afghanistan is invaded by another superpower in recent times. America declared the Taliban’s as a terrorist group and blame they are behind the 9/11 Attack so due to these reasons America attack Afghanistan. Another reason is that America also wants to make its hold in Asia to stop Russian activities. This war was fought between the Taliban and US Army for 20 years. This year, this war is almost ended because the USA calls its army back after negotiating an agreement with the Taliban.

Image Source: The Print

1.3        Who are the Taliban:

Taliban are the Militant Group of Afghanistan which was appeared in 1990. Although this was formed very early. Taliban group is formed by the collaboration of many Mujaheddins groups. America is the main backend power that helps for the formation of the Taliban. America also gave financial and weapon support to the Taliban’s against Russia.

But after emerging as a strong militant group after Afghan-Soviet War, they started overtaking Afghanistan. In 1996 they overtook the Afghan Capital Kabul and till 1998 they took over 90% of Afghanistan. They implement the Islamic Law in Afghanistan which is also called Islamic Shariya.

Image Source: BBC

On September 11, 2001, America was stunned by the horrific attack on World Trade Centre and Pentagon (CIA headquarters). America blamed this was done by the Afghan Taliban and declared them Terrorists. America becomes successful to pass its resolution from the United Nations of attacking Afghanistan due to the Taliban. In October 2001, America attacked the Taliban by attacking Afghanistan.

1.4       My Predictions:

There are some predictions in my mind on the future of Afghanistan, the Taliban and America in Afghanistan. Let’s start

1.4.1        Prediction on Future of Afghanistan and Taliban:

According to the current situation, the Taliban took over the most of region of Afghanistan from the southern and western sides. And also took over many Districts and provinces of Afghanistan.

Afghan Government and Afghan forces are restricted to only some regions of Afghanistan mainly in Kabul. But this continues take over from the Taliban is the biggest threat to them.

I think that the Taliban will soon take over Afghanistan and run and govern Afghanistan. If any negotiations happened, then the Afghan Government and forces will only be provided with the small region in which they live peacefully but the Taliban will govern Afghanistan.

But if Afghan Forces and Government continue to fight with the Taliban then they will be defeated soon because the Taliban have the latest weapons and more manpower than Afghan Forces. Then, they may be killed or maybe kicked out of Afghanistan by the Taliban.

1.4.2        Future of America in Afghanistan:

According to the current situation, America continuously calling its army back from Afghanistan because recently Current American President Joe Bidden Said that we will completely leave Afghanistan in September. In last week, America empties its biggest Air Base (Bagram Air Base) and handover the control to Afghan Forces.

My prediction is that America will almost completely lose its power over Afghanistan soon. Because in future they will not have any army or any place there to manage Afghanistan. To manage Afghanistan from its own country is very difficult for America. Due to this, the hold of America in the Asian region will also be decreased.

1.5        Conclusion:

According to current situations and my predictions, it is concluded that the Taliban will soon take over Afghanistan and the Afghan Government will be restricted to very smaller regions or maybe killed or may be kicked out from the country based upon their actions. And in future, America will have a negligible hold over Afghanistan and its hold in Asian regions will also decrease.


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